Synergistic networking: WAN, LAN, VPN, firewall, antivirus, Intranet, Extranet, web hosting and more!

Internet Services

Synergy brings you comprehensive services, competitive prices and an extra degree of service that it is hard to find. Below are some of the services we currently offer.

Website and Domain Hosting

  • Domain hosting: We handle domain registration and Domain Name Resolution (DNS) as part of our web hosting package.
  • Storage: Our basic package includes 20 megabytes of storage space. More is available if needed.
  • E-mail: Our basic package includes up to 5 e-mail addresses using your domain name. We can either forward to an e-mail server you use now, or you can log on directly to our servers. All e-mail we host is pre-scanned for viruses.
  • Secure Web Pages: We provide you with industry-standard encryption for sensitive information and/or secure e-mail.
  • Front Page Server Extensions: We make it easier to design and maintain your site. You can use Windows "Web Folders" to drag and drop to your website, and treat it much as you would any folder on your machine.

Website Design

Our "less is more" policy guarantees you maximum return on investment. Prices vary according to your needs, e-mail for details.

Other Services

We furnish just about any service you can think of besides dialup. Newsgroup hosting, e-commerce, streaming video and audio, if you need it we provide it.

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