Synergistic networking: WAN, LAN, VPN, firewall, antivirus, Intranet, Extranet, web hosting and more!

Networking Your Organization

  • Connect your LAN securely to the Internet
  • Network with other sites
  • Have your own e-mail server with ample storage and zero wait time
  • Share access to contacts, calendars, e-mail, task lists
  • Connect to your site from customer sites or employees' homes

Networking is changing dramatically. Most businesses started with a Local Area Network (LAN) which allowed users to share files and printers. Internet connectivity was not an issue. Wide Area Networks (WANs) were much-needed but relatively expensive.

Now every business can benefit from Internet connectivity. Even small organizations can share one Internet connection over a LAN. And WANs are much more accessible. Cheaper bandwidth decreases costs dramatically. Modern operating systems support effective networking over Internet connections.

Synergy Corp. knows the most cost-effective, high-performance network solutions for you. We make your network as secure and reliable as it should be.


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